At Didier Design Studio, we practice landscape architecture as a transformative process. Our design philosophy is rooted in the exchange between place and making: revealing or enhancing the essence of place through the act of making. From drawing to modeling and testing, we collaborate with institutions, individuals, and communities to shape ideas and craft spaces that are inspired by and mindful of local resources, scales, textures and materials. We ground our work in analysis and science, but also open our creative process to intuition and serendipity, weaving layers of beauty and meaning into the landscape. Our designs express a unique sense of place, often revealing relationships between ecological systems and cultural patterns of a given site.

…a site’s characteristics are not simply circumstances to be accommodated or mitigated. Instead, a site’s physical and sensual properties are sources for design expression”.
-Elizabeth Meyer – Site Matters

“Topology is meant to weave meaningful symbolism back into a particular place by understanding its terrain and surface condition, and by modifying the inherent significance of natural features as they interact with the purpose of man [community], his daily life and destiny”.
–Christophe Girot

“I don’t paint things, I paint relationships between things”.
– Henri Matisse